Imagine America Getting To Zero.
It will be a Reality.

Let’s begin with our bottom line. We believe America will be a Target Zero nation by 2025. How can we make such a bold prediction? Because we're already seeing that with a targeted, systematic approach, the wheels are in motion in cities and states across the country to stop the euthanasia of millions of healthy animals and pets in shelters every year. And there are tangible stories of success. As part of this wave, the Target Zero Institute (TZI) is on track to get at least six more cities and major metro areas to zero in the next 1-3 years, with an eye on adding a lot more (fast) to help end the problem once and for all. And shut down.

How TZI Works

TZI is a collective of proven, Best in Class 'getting to zero' leaders who provide hands on mentoring to animal control agencies and animal welfare organizations in select mid-size communities nationwide over the course of several years to help them get to zero. Our "best practices" approach offers holistic support in the form of strategic planning, program implementation, shelter population management, leadership skills, organizational development, community collaboration-building, entrepreneurial know-how and fundraising, all with the goal of ending shelter deaths locally. Those Target Zero communities, in turn, 'pay it forward' by mentoring organizations in neighboring communities. We believe that sharing and leveraging standout knowledge is an extremely powerful way to create and navigate a scaled, sustainable path to zero.

What is a Target Zero community exactly?